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Protective Vehicle Films

With every vehicle purchase a car owner is looking for proper functionality and appearance. Naturally one of the biggest concerns of vehicles owner is the manufacture's paint getting damaged over time. To protect your vehicles appearance, we will install a custom protective film for your vehicle. The film is invisible and will extend the longevity of your vehicles exterior paint.

Protective Films We Offer:

- Mirrors
- Bumpers
- Hood
- Roofs
- Fenders
- Doors
- Trunk Lids
- Moldings and More!

Customize Your Vehicles Appearance

Luxury vehicle wraps from Auto Super Shield will keep your car up to date with the latest automotive design trends, or even set your own. Chrome wraps and matte black car wraps are two of the most popular finishes to flood the streets this year, and you don't need all new paint to have them. Available in hundreds of other colors and finishes, the high end, luxury vehicle wraps available at AutoSuperShield can be combined to transform your vehicle with virtually limitless design options.

> Chrome Vehicle Wraps
> Matte Vehicle Wraps
> White Vehicle Wraps
> Carbon Fiber Vehicle Wraps
> Color Change Vehicle Wraps
> Unique Finish Wraps
> Satin Vehicle Protection Wrap
> MotorSport Wrap
>Window Tinting

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