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The painted surface of your vehicle is exposed to all kinds of potential damage on a daily basis. Road debris, stone chips, splattered bugs, sap, and bird droppings can damage  car’s paint and reduce the value of your vehicle. Clear Shield uses Xpel premium paint protection film to protect your vehicle from damage and even repairs itself from most scratches. And your original finish is still there, underneath our crystal clear film, in factory new condition.


You can have it all. Or just the parts that are most vulnerable to rock chips and scratches. 


Front to back, every exposed paint surface


The front bumper, the hood, the fenders, mirrors.


The front bumper, the leading edge of the hood, the mirrors.


The areas between and behind the wheels.

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Clear Shield Paint Protection Film Options

Xpel Ultimate

Self-Healing Paint Protection Film

Xpel Ultimate is an elastomeric polyurethane. Gentle heat applied with a warm rage or even warmth of a sunny day causes the film to heal and resolve minor dents and scratches.

Xpel Ultimate Edge Seal Technology

Xpel Edge Seal Technology keeps Xpel Ultimate film bubble, crack and lift free. Guaranteed.

Xpel Stealth

All the protection of Xpel Ultimate with a rich satin finish. 

Xpel Armor

For the toughest on and off road environments, 13 mils of polyurethane protection. Xpel Armor for hard working professional vehicles.

UV, Chemical and Acid Resistant

UV radiation, acid rain, harsh manmade and environmental chemicals. Bring ’em on. It won’t affect the clarity, strength and durability of our paint protection film. And your original finish will always shine through.

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Paint Protection Film is not maintenance-free

But simple wipes and an occasional cleaning will keep your paint job showroom fresh for years.

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Shine Like the Sun

Yellowing, blistering, peeling and fading. The sun’s harsh UV rays won’t damage your paint protection film and won’t dull the original paint that our film protects.

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Paint Protection Film isn’t bullet-proof

But it will protect your vehicle from dings and scratches from the wide range of road debris fired at your car as you drive down the road.

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What Has Been Said About Us

Ultra professional and competent. Detailing is, well, all in the details. In this regard, they use an amazing product line and spend the time and attention to detail in restoring and maintaining the car’s luster.

Paul A.

I’ve tried many different car detailing services, and Clear Shield is the ONLY one I love and recommend. I am highly detail oriented; Clear Shield is the only auto detailing service that has met my expectations…

Jonh C.

I read the reviews online and they have a very good rating. I completely agree, they did a great job on my wife’s Tesla SUV. She was so happy with the outcome. And guys, if your wife likes it you love it. I recommend Clear Shield  . 

Jeremiah B.

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Window Tinting for Maximum From UV and IR Rays

Contact Clear Shield Paint Protection. Expert and experienced.

Detail oriented craftsmen who take pride in protecting vehicle’s painted surfaces.


Adress: 2 Debush Ave Unit B-2, Middleton, MA 01949
Phone: (978) 223-8170